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I think we can all agree that private school is very expensive; and the price is growing. There are some private schools reaching $40,000, even the $50,000 mark for secondary boarding schools. For example, with that money you could go to UCLA and get a dorm. However, private schools may not be expensive enough.

If you haven't heard of "the gap", it's the difference between tuition dollars received by the school and actual costs of operating the institution. This gap is often filled with donation money and fundraising. But now, the price of running the school consistently greater than the amount of money coming in to the private school, and the gap keeps getting larger and larger. Now, tuition only covers on average about 70% to 80% of costs, and at some private schools, tuition covers only 50% of costs.

The population of families paying tuition at a private school is very diverse. There are some who are struggling to pay to price, and there are some who could pay more, even the cost of operation per student price, which is substantially more. It would be ideal for these families to voluntarily try to fill that gap of actual tuition and the actual cost of operation per student, but unfortunately that is not the case.

In my opinion, there are several solutions to this issue. At a private school registration, the director could tell the families about the gap, and say that it is their responsibility to fill it as much as possible with donations. This would definitely level the playing field and have each family pay their fair share. Some might say that this might drive students away, but in reality, most private schools have a larger amount of people applying then there are slots available.